SLLP poem

SLLP poem

I’m rafting the Fraser to Vancouver
Building eden along the way
I have with me 13 others
Who have bonded without delay

The Fraser is full of surprises
Falls of water and pools of blue
We see, touch and taste its spirit
In the rhythm of our voyageur canoe

Our group is a collection of animals
Moose, coyote, turtle and bison to name a few
Our ecosystem produces watershed CPR
With singing and a sugar-free diet as our fuel

The Fraser takes us into the quiet
Through wide valleys, large canyons and magical slews
But quite soon our eyes and ears open
To the chorus of bird, insect and coyote tunes

As we observe dragonflies, collect agates and swim currents
Our fates fall further and further into place
I wonder if the salmon below us
Know that our lives will soon follow the same course

My heart beams and bursts with passion
With the help of humans we meet on shore
Their vision and love of the Fraser
Pushes me to consider not one project but ten more

Together we can help save the Fraser
But what first I really can’t say
As the smoke cloaks us into the valley
I’m reminded of the problems of the day

But thanks to this trip I hope we all pull a Fin,
And just go for it, jump into the fray
I hope we emerge in a current
Towards eden and clean water to stay

For now my shirt jostles in the wind
My ears feel the kiss of the sun
The cathedrals bring me back to a sacredness
That I hope to hold onto when done

On this trip I’ve seen truth and I’ve seen beauty
I feel the goodness of family and a connection so old
This is what happens I’m thinking
When you follow the river instead of the road