This Summer, join us to
Race the River!

Don’t worry – you don’t have to run.

Race the River accommodates any human-powered outdoor activity. Walk, bike, paddle, swim or roll to explore your watershed then log your kilometres to help us as we collectively travel 1,400kms (the length of the Fraser River) faster than Fin Donnelly swam it more than 25 years ago!

June 19 – July 11, 2021

FREE | For all ages and abilities

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The Challenge

The Fraser Watershed is in trouble. The number of spawning salmon is a good indicator of watershed health, and the trend is clear:

Historically, 50 million Sockeye salmon returned annually to the Fraser River.
In 2019, fewer than 400,000 returned.
In 2020, only 288,000 returned.

Now, more than ever, it is important for us to connect with our watershed and join a movement to protect and restore the Fraser Watershed.

More Than a Race

Race the River is about building community, connecting to our watershed and coming together to work toward Watershed CPR (Connect. Protect. Restore). Each kilometre traveled—whether 5 or 50—helps to build a community more invested in the resiliency of the Fraser River.

To help you connect with your watershed, we will provide participants with routes to explore to enhance your sense of connection to each place.

Register today to get to know your watershed better and be part of a movement to help transform the Fraser to be a resilient watershed with salmon, people and economies flourishing in rivershed communities.

Our 2021 Progress on the Fraser River

Our collective Race the River distance totalled an astonishing:


We completed almost FOUR LAPS of the Fraser River

During Fin Donnelly’s 1995 Swim for Life, he swam the entire length of the Fraser River in three weeks. In the three weeks between June 19 – July 11, 2021, we wanted to see how many times we could collectively travel that same distance.


Is there a fee to participate in this event?
No! It is completely free to participate.

How do I log my kilometres?
Once you have registered to participate, all you need to do is click the ‘Log my kms’ button on this page. Using the email address you registered with, fill out the simple form.

Can kids participate?
Absolutely! The event is suitable to all ages and abilities.

What kinds of activities count?
Any form of human-powered transportation is welcome for this event.

Do I have to be able to see the Fraser River while participating in my human-powered activity?
No, not at all! We ask simply that you choose a nature-based area of the Watershed – check out this page for a rough map of each region of the Fraser Watershed.

How can I track my kilometres?
There are many ways to track the distance you travel: you can use an app on your phone or watch, or look up the length of the trail you explored once you return. This is based on an honour system – we don’t require proof of how far you went.

Do I have to explore the watershed every day over the 3 weeks?
Nope! Participate as many times as you want to over the course of the 3 weeks.

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