Fin Donnelly

Founder of the Rivershed Society of BC
Current Member of the Legislative Assembly, Coquitlam-Burke Mountain and Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture
Former Member of Parliament, Port Moody- Coquitlam

In 1995, Fin Donnelly swam the entire length of the longest river in the province, the Fraser. The ‘Swim for Life’ was an epic 1,400 km journey that took Donnelly three weeks to complete. One year after accomplishing the swim, he went on to found the Rivershed Society of BC.

From 1990-2000, Donnelly made 14 environmental marathon swims, covering more than 3,200 km in BC’s rivers, lakes and ocean. He has twice swum the 1,400 km length of the Fraser River (in 1995 and 2000), as well as Quesnel Lake, Pitt Lake, Williams Lake, Raush River, Georgia Strait (four times) and Juan de Fuca Strait, to draw attention to the declining health of these water bodies and to encourage communities to engage in environmental advocacy.

In 1997, Fin was  honoured by the Squamish Nation for his stewardship work and given the name Iyim  Yewyews, which means strong swimmer, Blackfish or Orca.