Watershed CPR Education Program

The Watershed CPR Education Program is a self-guided, virtual learning experience all about the Fraser River, created by the Rivershed Society of BC.

Through this virtual experience, users are guided through the three pillars of Watershed CPR—Connect, Protect, and Restore—through a series of engaging activities and interactives about the Fraser River. Content areas include the flora and fauna that inhabit the Fraser; the First Nations who have lived in this area since time immemorial; the conservation issues affecting the watershed; and how to “perform Watershed CPR” and become a Watershed Defender.

With two unique experiences for children and young adults, there are opportunities for people of all ages to learn about the Fraser River in a fun and exciting way.

The Watershed CPR Education Program is hosted through the Royal Canadian Geographic Society’s website. Begin your journey and become a Watershed Defender by visiting https://watershedcpr.canadiangeographic.ca.