The System Works!!

The System Works!!

Recently, Simran Lehal and I (Simon Zukowski) applied for a grant from the Co-operators’ IMPACT! fund to finance improvements to the Goat River Trail. The trail is important because it passes through one of the last, major, pristine watersheds that feed the upper Fraser River. The area is home to endangered mountain caribou, grizzly bears, chinook salmon, bull trout and ancient red ceders, some of them more than 2,000 years old.

But the watershed is threatened by logging. By restoring and upgrading the historic Goat River Trail, we hope to make more people aware of the hidden jewel that is the Goat River watershed and to create public support for its conservation. So hearing that our application for funding had been approved was a huge relief and made us feel very, very happy….

The grant totals just under $5,000 and will go towards installing a kiosk, trail signage and trail clearing on the Wells side of the trail. To do this, we are partnering with the Fraser Headwaters Alliance, which has been an unbelievably committed champion of the Goat River and its trail for over two decades.

With money for the trail upgrades secured, our next steps are to find ways to get the trail on the public’s radar. I will start by hiking the trail this summer with my two brothers and writing a piece about our journey for a travel magazine, like the very popular BC Magazine. We will also like to set up an information booth at the ArtsWells festival and the Bowron Lakes park headquarters this summer and are thinking of starting a “Friends of the Goat River Trail” Facebook page.

We’ll check in at the end of summer to let you know how it has all unfolded!

More information on the Goat River and the Fraser Headwaters Alliance here.