Lets get this project going….

Lets get this project going….

Hello Everyone!!!!

Well I have come back to post some updated news on my project.  In my last post I spoke about gaining new project ideas as our group travelled along the river and witnessed many voids in our society when it comes to awareness of our environment and the health of our planet.

Here is a quick recap from the last post…..

“As some of you may know, my project plans also changed along route. On one of our pit stops along the highway to canoe paddling practice, we pulled into a rest area to view some waterfalls. Always being on top of the waste we pack around I used the opportunity to unload some of ours. Inside the Jasper National Park, to my surprise I only see one garbage bin in front of me.  No option for recycling, no option for returnable beverage containers, and no option for compost. Opting to wait for a better opportunity, I could not resist not looking inside the bin… for garbage.  Of course I found many returnable beverage containers, all worth money of course. I found many to-go coffee and drink cups, plastic packaging and paper. These things are recyclable all over the province, however not here?   In an national park of all places too boot!”

‘New Project!’

This new project involves integrating a better system for waste management at our rest areas.  Constantly conversing with transients I hear the question often… “Where can I bring my recyclables in this area???”
Although The Potato House Project (where I work) is an important priority for me, my rivershed project has veared towards creating some better waste management at our rest areas for our tourists and for us.
I mean why not show the people travelling through our vast beautiful wilderness that we do care about it as well.  I do not want them going home telling stories about Canada and how recycling and waste management seemed to be non-existant… especially in some of our more remote and absolutely spectacular areas!

So here I am.  New project idea and a major highway ahead of me to travel down.

I got the ball rolling with our local waste management services in the Cariboo Regional District.  Starting off by making sure they are able to accept outside waste in our area.  That was not a problem, mostly because this waste is from people travelling through our area.
Next step was addressing Ministry of Transportation with a proposal regarding some ideas on how to tackle this situation.

view attached proposal for details….

rest area proposal

I kept it simple for one main reason. I did not want to create more of a hassle for the public service workers as well as management in this department.  Habits are hard to change and its always best to start off on the right foot 🙂

Following some back and forth conversations I ended up with a meeting with our Area Manager for Roads and Highways in our district.  Turns out she loves my idea!  Great news.  We decided to go with option 1, which involves adding a recycling symbol sign to the already-current ‘refuse dump’ signs along our majour routes.

If my plans go accordingly, soon these babies will have an upgrade!!! 🙂

The Cariboo Regional District already has 32 refuse stations in our district, 14 of which accept recyclables in accordance with Multi Materials BC program and their guidlines. Some accept even more items such as electronics, batteries, light bulbs, wood waste, scrap metal and have share sheds. I thought instead of trying to move more types of waste from one location to another, why not just redirect the traffic to the Regional District’s currently operating sites.

The idea is in motion.  Already my contact at the Ministry of Transportation is to have a meeting with her sign guy in nearby Kamloops to discuss the idea further.  I am anxiously waiting the results.

In the mean time I will continue to manage the compost at the Potato House Project, even though its frozen solid.  Continually advocating waste management, teaching the community about gardening and water-wise practices, tending to our root cellar and enjoying the heritage of our lovely place.