Goat River Trail – Our Journey through Wilderness

Goat River Trail – Our Journey through Wilderness

Last summer, myself and Oliver Berger (another 2016 SLLP alumnus) traveled the 48km Goat River Trail across the Cariboo Mountains. We were looking for adventure. But we also had a serious purpose in mind. We wanted to create a video log of our journey to help raise awareness of the trail. The Goat River Trail passes through pristine wilderness of the Goat River watershed. Over the past year I have been volunteering with a local conservation group, the Fraser Headwaters Alliance, to lay the ground-work for getting this area protected. Our main strategy is to bring people in contact with the watershed, via the trail, so that they fall in love with it (like we did). There is currently scant information about the trail online, so I hope that this video will help draw in more hikers and supporters…

Video: Hiking the Goat River Trail by Simon Zukowski

Work for 2018 will include creating a Goat River Trail website, developing a new campsite, and organizing a public hike of the entire 48km upper section of the trail (to coincide with the ArtsWells Festival).

For more about the Goat River watershed see my SLLP Alumni profile: https://rivershed.com/profile/Simon-Zukowski/

See you out on the trail!