CRC Project Update

CRC Project Update

The Cigarette Butt Recycling Project is not only going well, it is expanding as I find more individuals that have the same concerns as I do.

I have been very fortunate to have connected with some organizations / individuals while working on my project these last few of months. Although the research part is going steady but slowly, there is plenty I have learned from discussing butt recycling with others.

Today (October 24th), I sent another box of butts in to Terracycle through their Cigarette Recycling Brigade Program. These have been collected from my friends living in Coquitlam, who all have glass jars to store their butts in until I see them next. Once I have enough to send in I simply print off shipping labels from the Terracycle website and then send it off! It is as easy as that, and I am lucky to have wonderful friends that are supporting me by collecting all that they can. The photo below is a 1680 gram waffle box full of butts that otherwise would have been on the streets of Coquitlam.

Collected ButtsA Coquitlam City Counselor named Bonita Zarrillo is just as interested in recycling cigarette waste as I am. We have connected and she currently is working on making residents more aware of the harmful effects of littered butts. Check out her facebook page Cigarette Butt Free Coquitlam to learn more about what she’s doing. I am excited to work with her after the completion of my report, this person is involved in municipal Government and together I think we could accomplish creating a pilot recycling program for Coquitlam!

Bonita told me about a wonderful organization called Brain Garden which is based out of Vernon, British Columbia and run by a super awesome couple: Jack and Sarah. They started by collecting cigarette butt waste at music festivals and now are a supplier of the Pocket Ashtray. This ashtray is completely smell-proof and extinguishes your butt so you don’t have to stub it out first. Brain Garden has given me resources / information to use in my research report and is very knowledgeable about current environmental issues, I encourage any one interested in my project to also reach out to this organization.

Pocket Ashtrays

I have received my shipment of pocket ashtrays and I plan on handing so many of them out that all the smokers of Coquitlam will have one in their possession. They will be given out by donation, and all funds will be donated back to the Rivershed Society of BC as a thanks for helping me get this project started!

If you want to learn more about my project or have any questions, please email me at