Book: The River Home

Book: The River Home

I wrote an ebook all about my adventures down the Fraser River! It can be found here.

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For the past four summers I have travelled the length of the Fraser River with the Sustainable Living Leadership Program, first as a participant, and then as a facilitator. It has been an experience that is full of adventure, community and inspiration, and I have sought to share the wonders of the river with as many people as possible. I believe that we can heal our planet by re-awakening our connection to the earth, and by sharing the stories of our encounters in nature. Each time I travel the Mighty Fraser, my optimism for the future is rekindled by the abundant life still present in its compromised waters. I hope that learning about the history of this iconic waterway and the communities it touches will inspire you to spend time outside in appreciation of the abundance of the natural world.

Jacquie Lanthier

Please purchase a copy of this ebook to learn about what it’s like to live alongside one of the world’s greatest salmon-bearing rivers, and stay tuned for information on how you can order a printed copy. Thank you for supporting this project, and I hope to see you down by the river.