2019 SLLP

The 2019 SLLP

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2019 Participants

The Rivershed Society of BC has selected seven participants for the 2019 Sustainable Living Leadership Program. The participants, their home towns, and their project ideas are listed below:

  • Corrie Allen, Lillooet
    The objective of Corrie’s SLLP Community Sustainability Project is to bring together aboriginal communities, government, industry, and other organizations to develop a better understanding of the cultural, historical, current, and future impacts on White Sturgeon populations in the Middle Fraser River.
  • Paul Ehni, Lillooet
    Paul and the Xwisten (Bridge River) First Nations have partnered to work on building salmon enhancement channels in the Horseshoe Bend area of the Bridge River to provide opportunities for salmon survival and ecological education in the Bridge River Valley.
  • Jeffrey Gibbs, North Vancouver
    Jeffrey is working on a project he hopes will engage hundreds of amateur photographers who reside in the Fraser Watershed in helping to document — through their own photographs and short video clips — stories of ecology and conservation of the watershed.
  • Leah Goldie, Vernon
    Leah plans to develop an educational cross-curricular program for elementary and secondary students with an emphasis on sustainability. Teaching with a place-conscious approach that celebrates local watersheds through environmental science, socials, outdoor education, and art.
  • Otis Guichon, Chilanko Forks
    The Tsilhqot’in Nation and community would like to document as much as possible so they can pass it down to future generations. By being out in the land with today’s technology, Otis can identify traditional places. Today’s youth cannot. For his project, Otis plans to do video recordings and to work with the Tsideldel First Nation to document traditional place names and help his community move forward with planning about the land to protect and preserve.
  • Bhavna Pooni, Saskatoon
    Bhavna plans to facilitate an awareness project in Saskatoon to support the connection between unhealthy humans and unhealthy environments.
  • Justin Sidon, Surrey
    Justin’s project is focused on teaching youth the importance of sustainable living. This includes teachings of natural medicine’s, healthy foods, and cultural activities.

We look forward to watching these seven individuals learn and grow over the course of the program, and are excited about the positive impacts they will make in their communities after the Sustainable Living Leadership Program wraps up for its 15th season.


If you are on the Fraser River this summer, keep an eye out for the group as they pass through your community. If you would like to meet them, stop by and say hi at the following locations, but please keep in mind these dates and times are subject to change due to weather, logistics or other unforeseen circumstances:

  • Sunday, July 28 – Morning hike through Ancient Cedar rainforest, Hwy 16 near Crescent Spur.
  • Wednesday, July 31 – Cultural event at Xatśūll Heritage Village, Soda Creek (north of Williams Lake).
  • Thursday, August 1 – Afternoon DFO juvenile fish net demonstration at the mouth of Williams Lake Creek, Williams Lake
  • Tuesday, August 6 – Bridge River tour / Cayoosh Creek Campground, Lillooet
  • Wednesday, August 14 – Morning tour of Glen Valley Organic Farm, Langley
  • Thursday, August 15 – Lunch at the Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster
  • Friday, August 16 – Paddle completion and afternoon arrival at Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver

See complete itinerary (.pdf)

Updates from Along the Way

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