FraserFEST 2019 Fraser Canyon Swim

Swim 2019

Fraser Canyon Swim

Keely Weget-Whitney will again be conquering a section of the mighty Fraser River, from Lillooet to Tuckkwiowhum.

On August 6, 2017, Keely swam a portion of the Fraser for the first time, from Lillooet to the Stein River. Her inspiring feat was captured in a documentary by Copper Sky Productions, called For the Love of SalmonIn 2018, she doubled her accomplishment by swimming for two days, all the way from Lillooet to Tucckwiowhum (Boston Bar).

Keely Weget-Whitney swimming through rapids in the Fraser River Canyon

This year, Keely is preparing to do it all again. By doing this swim, Keely aims to inspire action, raise awareness about environmental threats and solutions, and engage communities in public education and community outreach.

Join us in sending Keely off in a wave of cheers and well-wishes as she begins her Fraser Canyon Swim.

Wednesday, August 7th, 9:00 am

Cayoosh Creek Campground boat launch
100 Cayoosh Park Rd, Lillooet, BC, Canada

The Swimmer

Keely summer 2011 Fraser River Conquering smKeely Weget-Whitney
K’alhwá7al’ap nsnek’wnúk’wa7 Keely Weget-Whitney Nskwátsitsa. T’ít’q’etmeckan. My name is Keely Weget-Whitney, I am from the St’at’imc and Gitxsan Nation. I belong to the house of luus, wolf clan. I was born in New Westminster, and reside in Lillooet, which is right along the Fraser River. In 2011, I participated in the Sustainable Living Leadership Program, this was the beginning of my journey… I started to see my role in the community differently and realized I am a leader who needs to spread the word about sustainability amongst indigenous people. I encourage indigenous communities to be aware of the neglect; witnessing the headwaters so pure and clean turn into a muck polluted ecosystem for the salmon and dependent species. Tákem I nsnek’wnúk’w7a. All my Relations.

Everyone lives in a watershed.
Experience yours.

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