Rivershed Stories

What is your Rivershed Story?

Rivershed Stories are meant as a way to connect citizens along the Fraser through inspiring media content (video, written, art, etc) and to outline positive actions being taken to protect the Fraser, while highlighting important areas where action is still needed.

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Memories with Gary Pooni – Rivershed Story

Local urban planner reflects on the important role the Fraser River has played in his life. Read more. 

Reflections on a River Journey to the Sea – Myka’s Rivershed Story

“It was amazing to see the river from a small creek in the headwaters trickling down and turning into a big, fast, gushing river carrying everything with it throughout the province,” Read more.

Experiencing Nature is the Best Way to be Inspired to Protect It – Sasha’s Rivershed Story

“What I learned by going down the river—like how big it really is when you go every single step through it… and the animals that live in it, the communities that depend on it, the issues facing it, and to physically feel its strength and power—was life changing,” Read more.

A Focus on Watersheds – Ella’s Rivershed Story

“Ella Parker has always loved rivers, even before participating in the Rivershed Society of BC’s Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP) in the summer of 2018. “ Read more.

For the Love of Salmon – Keely’s Rivershed Story

“Under a haze of wildfire smoke and with her ancestors watching from above, Keely Weget-Whitney steps into the frigid and fast-moving waters of the Fraser River with one goal in mind: make people care.” Read more.

Salmon Story – Robbin’s Rivershed Story

One woman’s journey to connect with her environment, and help maintain the return of the salmon to her neighbourhood streams in Coquitlam, British Columbia, one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada. Read more.