Pledge to Vote for Water

Pledge to Vote for Water

Together we can make defending water in B.C. a priority for our next government.

Freshwater in British Columbia supports diverse ecosystems, a vibrant economy, spaces for recreation and connection, and drinking water for millions of people. However, despite the fundamental importance of water to every aspect of life, waters in B.C. are facing unprecedented threats from industrial activity, population pressures and a changing climate.

With the provincial election less than two weeks away, RSBC is proud to endorse the Our Water BC Campaign.  Along with a coalition of organizations, groups and individuals committed to working together to elect freshwater champions across the province.

If we want to ensure our next government will make defending water a priority, we need to make sure all voters have the facts before they vote.

Will you join us and Pledge to Vote for Water?

Every person who pledges to vote for water will be sent an election guide outlining where all the provincial parties stand on key water issues. This guide will be provided before polls open on Election Day, May 9th.

Pledge to Vote for Healthy BC Water Today!

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