Water Gratitude Concert – Williams Lake

Water Gratitude Concert – Williams Lake

February 6, 2015 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Satya Yoga Studio
271 Oliver St
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1M2
Danielea Castell
Water Gratitude concert with Danielea Castell

“Danielea’s singing is ethereal and heavenly.” Carol Reid

” Danielea’s singing is magical. When my eyes were closed her voice produced images of color. And when the colors started to fade I felt like I was looking down from a great height over a flowing river. Very powerful. THANK YOU.” Sharon MacDonald

“It is a profound connection to the earth that allows Danielea to create such magic. She can feel and hear the rivers and the trees. I have never known anyone quite like her, she is a gift and a treasure.” Doug Koyama

Doors 7:00 pm
Show 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Tickets: Eventbrite.ca

Come early to make a Water Heart honouring a body of Water you love. Water Gratitude tools and art available for purchase.

*Net proceeds from tickets and art benefit the Water Gratitude Society, producer of The Bank of Gratitude, annual Rivers Day event.


WATER gives us life, food, shelter, clothing, electronics, gas, transportation, recreation and much much more each and every moment of every day.

Join Danielea Castell for an exciting evening of original music, stories and poetry offering Water gratitude for its gift of life and teachings for this time on earth.

Since Water is making the 2015 Canada Winter Games possible for two weeks in Prince George beginning Feb. 13, there will be a special group activity at the end of the concert.


Danielea Castell is a sacred singer, performance artist and facilitator with a background in healing forms of improvisational voice, storytelling and theatre. Her career as a sacred singer and chant leader began in 2005 when a personal health issue led her to devotional music and mantra. The integration of voice and spirit was the key to unlocking Danielea’s motivation for singing her love for the sacred in all life.

Accompanied by a little red harmonium, the frame drum and guided by her special bond with Trees, Danielea developed a creative practice for communicating directly with Nature she calls sound weaving.

Originally focused on facilitating a deeper intimacy between community members and their local Forests, Danielea was guided to shift her sound weaving focus from Trees to Water in the spring of 2012.

In order to understand what was being asked of her, Danielea was guided to take solo summer Water pilgrimages to sit and sound weave with specific bodies of Water. In 2012 Danielea was guided north to Alaska, in 2013 she went east to Alberta, the Athabasca River and tar sands, and in 2014 she was directed south to meet and mentor with Quesnel Lake the body of Water living downstream from the Mt. Polley Mine where the earthen dam breached on August 4, 2014.

For her presence and offering of love, the various Water bodies have offered Danielea their love, joy and friendship in return. They often give her teachings in the form of chants and medicine melodies that help her deal more harmoniously with personal challenges as well as those facing the human and nature communities.

The music, poetry and stories you will hear are a small sampling of this magical 3 year journey that continues to flow out of a simple but all-encompassing love affair between a human woman and her River companions.

The Bank of Gratitude event

Om Satyam arranged and sung by Danielea Castell http://youtu.be/KqyiXrYm_8Q

Danielea Castell and Creative Water Engagement www.oneconsciousvoice.com