River Clinic 2021 Participant Agreement

The following outlines an agreement between the Rivershed Society of BC (Rivershed) and you, a prospective River Clinic participant (participant).

Responsibilities & Expectations

River Clinics provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the Fraser Watershed while participating in educational and leadership development programming along the Fraser River. Facilitators and guides are responsible leading in-person programming, and depend upon the cooperation of participants to ensure a safe and educational environment. Participants must follow all instructions and directions outlined by facilitators and guides while participating in the program. Failure to comply with instructions may result in injury to participants or others. Participants who exhibit negative, unsafe, or uncooperative behavior may be sent home at any point during the program.

Clothing & Footwear

Proper clothing and footwear are necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of participants. Clothing and footwear requirements will be outlined in the weeks leading up to the program. Failure to wear proper footwear or clothing during the program may result in exclusion from certain activities. No refunds will be offered to individuals who arrive at the program with improper clothing or footwear.

River Clinics are held primarily outdoors and will run rain or shine. Participants are encouraged to check the weather and dress appropriately for the day.


Rivershed is unable to provide transportation to or from program sites, and public transit options to parks may be limited. All participants are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the program.

Participants are expected to arrive on time for the program.


In-person River Clinic sessions run from 9:00 am until approximately 5:00 pm, with a lunch period occurring during the middle of the program. Participants must provide their own bagged lunch on the day of the program; nearby food options may be extremely limited. Breakfast and dinner are not included in this program.

Participants are highly encouraged to pack a zero-waste lunch to minimize garbage generated during the River Clinic experience.

Participation in Virtual Sessions

Prior to in-person sessions, participants are asked to take part in at least two virtual River Clinic sessions. Virtual session dates, times, and details will be posted to the River Clinic website and e-mailed to all registered participants.

Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations and no-shows can have a detrimental effect on River Clinic programs. So that we may offer the best opportunity for interested participants to join our program, no refunds will be offered for cancellations occurring less than 14 days from the day of the program.

Registration fees are transferrable; contact Rivershed staff to transfer your registration to another participant.

If Rivershed cancels the River Clinic program for any reason, registration fees will be refunded in full.