Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is causing changes in stream hydrology (increased water temperature impacts on fish, increased urban runoff and risk of flooding; reduced snow loads affecting drinking water supply) major forest impacts (tree loss from pine beetle and increased forest fires), and reduced biodiversity. The implications of these changes are massive, with our wild salmon, the health of our forests, and people’s culture and quality of life under threat.

Even the retiring Auditor General (who?) clearly outlines what others have been saying for years – we need a national climate change policy. Other levels of government are actively working on this issue owing to its importance. It is blatantly obvious that the Federal government is not showing any leadership on this issue while openly promoting the expansion and development of the tar sands.

2014 Federal Auditor reports on:

  1. Mitigating climate change –
    1. Environmental monitoring of oil sands –

2009-2013 Reports

  1. adapting to climate change –