Solo Hike

Solo Hike

Solo Hike

A little description of my experience on the solo hike during the 2012 SLLP.
Contributor: Jacquie Lanthier

One of the most memorable moments on the SLLP for me was the silent solo hike in the mid-Fraser. The night before the hike myself, Phil and John decided to hike up the surrounding hills as far as we could, and in the morning after our silent breakfast, we were off!

For me the silence didn’t last long, as I quickly tripped and planted my hand into a cactus, one of the hazards of off-trail travel on this part of the trip. Luckily John had some tweezers, and we were soon scooting further up the trail back in our realm of silence once again.

The sun beat down upon us, upon the tall dry grass that tickled my legs, upon the ponderosa pines huddling together in clusters of shadow.

Eventually we made it as far as we could, given that we wanted to sit for a short spell to take in the scene unfolding before us before having to wander back down to our camp again.

I sat on the side of the hill, in the light breeze and the shade of a tree, and thought about the journey so far. I still return to this place, the bowl of the pale valley stretched out before me, the silent river below like a thin strip of jagged tape pressed into the crease of someone’s palm.

It just takes a moment, and no matter where I am I can return to the vastness of the landscape unfolding below me on this day, to the same feeling I had on that day: the sense that I am at the exact point where I was meant to be, connected, completely and utterly, to the landscape enveloping me.