SLLP Update – Day 19

SLLP Update – Day 19

IMG_4990_smSo we’ve travelled the Robson Valley, the headwater region of the Fraser River, with a voyager canoe and have created an unbelievable team bonding experience! The first week we have all learned so much from each other and grown our project ideas substantially!

We followed this amazing kick start with 3 solid days in the Goat River Valley, studying the biodiversity and awesomeness of this beautiful place. Doug educated us on the importance of the trees and ecosystems of these forests and their importance to our riversheds.

Our minds buzzing with new potential, we joined our sustainable thinking brains in unison and took on the Fraser Canyon! Here we built upon or project Ideas while learning some of the amazing history of our aboriginal and mining past on this stretch of the mighty river!

With help from our facilitators, Jacquie and Orden, I have been working on my project. It is to better help educate traveling tourists on what they can do with their waste along their travels through my community, Williams Lake, which is also part of this gorgeous watershed.