Rivershed Forum in Lillooet

Rivershed Forum in Lillooet

Riversheds Forum in Lillooet

Contributor: Jacquie Lanthier

This weekend’s Riversheds Forum in Lillooet was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with SLLP grads and others involved with the Rivershed Society. We spent time sharing our rivershed stories, listening to talks about the SLLP and about local birds in the middle Fraser, eating amazing local cuisine, scanning the skies with bat-detectors, and being serenaded by all of the talent that resides here during some evening entertainment at the Planet Peace Cafe. What a perfect way to spend Earth Day weekend!

Those Rivershed folks brave enough to face the stage at Planet Peace Cafe donned animal masks and put on a skit for the audience, which was well-received to much laughter. (My goodness are we ever an imaginative bunch!) A good reminder of the fun we have together both on and off the river.

The weekend included walking tours of a local nursery, SplitRock, which grows native plants to support restoration of the riparian zone along the Fraser River. SplitRock also sells plants to local gardeners interested in no-water-needed gardens made with native shrubbery and flowers. What a great idea!

After a nursery tour, complete with the making of seed bombs–potting clay and soil mushed together with wildflower seeds–we walked through the restoration site itself, setting our seeds free on land recently cleared of invasive species and ready for planting.

Standing beside the river at the restoration site I thought how wonderful it is to have these types of opportunities to see first-hand work that is being done to counteract the impacts of environmental degradation along the banks of the river.

Next year the annual Riversheds Forum is set to take place in Yale. Hope to see you there!