FraserFEST Sponsor Profile: Jan Voss, owner of CTS Ltd.

FraserFEST Sponsor Profile: Jan Voss, owner of CTS Ltd.

Our FraserFEST adventures have been successful in large part because of the support of our sponsors. One of our amazing sponsors is Jan Voss, owner of CTS (Creative Transportation Solutions Ltd.). We asked Jan some questions to see why he chooses to be involved with FraserFEST, and this is what he answered:Jan Voss and Fin

Why do you support FraserFEST? 
I have been an avid canoeist in Canada since I emigrated to Canada in 1982 and have gone on dozens of wilderness canoe trips throughout Canada, as well as hundreds of day trips on local rivers and lakes. I have also been active supporting canoeing, paddling safety and good stewardship of our local waterways by having been President of the Dogwood Canoe Club three times in the past 25 years. As well, my late wife Jenn Voss was an accomplished paddler, environmentalist, photographer and author of two popular wilderness paddling guides including “Stikine River: A Guide to Paddling the Great River” and “Klondike Trail: The Complete Hiking and Paddling Guide”. Going on wilderness canoe trips with my kids every summer has been and continues to be our family’s favourite way of exploring this great country and to help teach our kids the love of nature that Jenn and I have.

Describe your experience with FraserFEST 2016:
I enjoyed the paddle from Fort Langley to Coquitlam much better than the previous year from Port Moody to North Vancouver. I had not paddled that stretch of the Fraser River before and thus was keen to see it from the water. As most of the participants that paddle in the canoe my company sponsors live in the Fraser Valley, I would be interested in sponsoring more paddles on the Fraser River upstream of Fort Langley, if possible.

Is there anything you want the RSBC’s supporters to know about your company? 
Nope! I am just happy being a low-key financial supporter for your cause. I am glad being acknowledged but I do not need anything more than that. Also, I am happy just to be able to provide this opportunity for the young ski racers of Hemlock Ski Club to see the lower Fraser Valley from a different point of view, teach them a bit about the history of BC and the importance of our watersheds, while getting a great upper body workout at the same time!

Does your company work on best watershed practices or effect eco-sustainable changes or solutions? 
CTS a traffic engineering consulting firm with 25 employees and this year is our 24th anniversary. Our focus has always been, and continues to be, on “moving people” and not “moving cars”. As such, we are always doing our best to make sure that every transportation plan we develop, whether it be for a community or for a new development like a mall or a subdivision, provides transport mode options for the public so that if they do not want to drive their car, alternative travel options are still viable.