Sharman Learie

Board Member

Sharman is a faculty member and co-chair of the Adventure Studies program at Thompson Rivers University. At TRU, his research interests focus on watershed and environmental conservation through participation in paddle sports to promote a stewardship connection with the natural world. He is also interested in coastal risk assessments and surf tourism.

Sharman has traveled extensively in surfing, sailing, sea and whitewater kayaking, rafting, canoeing, ski touring, and climbing. His adventures have taken him to Asia, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, and, most recently to Kenya on a WE Charity trip to see a farming and food security Program. Sharman joined Fin in a Kayak for Fraser 2000, Fin’s second swim down the entire length of the Fraser. Sharman collaborated with Fin on the early iterations of the Sustainable Living and Leadership program and focused his Masters in Environmental Education on the efficacy of the program.

Sharman returned to the Rivershed Society’s Board in 2020.