Olga Schwartzkopf

Board Member

Olga is Legal Assistant at Glen Orris, Q.C. Law Corporation in Vancouver (33 years). Her interest in watersheds developed during her early years around the Niagara River and its surrounding agricultural environment. She is presently influenced by the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam Rivers and the environment of Mount Seymour and Indian Arm, and of course, the dominant Fraser River. She has a Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of British Columbia. Olga is currently on the Advisory Board of the Burns Bog Conservation Society, and sits on several consultation working groups or committees: The National Pollutant Release Inventory Work Group (EC), and the Environmental Effects Monitoring Sub-Group of the Federal Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Review. She has worked on public consultation committees with federal government representatives and industry on the following issues: Upstream Oil and Gas Emissions, Toxic Substances as classified under CEPA, the National Agriculture and Environment Standards Initiative, Particulate Matter and Ozone within the Construction and Demolition Industry, Fish Habitat and the Fisheries Act, the preservation of the Agricultural Land Reserve, Food Security and water quality and legislation Issues locally and provincially.