Doug Radies

Senior SLLP Facilitator

Doug Radies worked full time on parks and wilderness and land use issues in British Columbia from 1989-2002. In 1990, Doug spearheaded the campaign to protect the Cariboo Mountains of BC, which led to a moratorium and ultimately a 130,000 hectare protected area between Bowron Lake and Wells Gray Provincial Parks in the central interior of BC.

He participated in the Cariboo and Robson Valley Land Use Planning Processes and, in 1995, co-founded the Quesnel River Watershed Alliance, a Cariboo-based grass-roots conservation group working to protect and maintain the overall health of the Quesnel Rivershed, the most productive sockeye salmon producing tributary of the Fraser River. Doug conducted extensive research and fieldwork in BC’s interior, producing tabloids, reports, magazine articles, posters, brochures, slide shows, and videos about the environment.

From 1999-2002, Doug coordinated the Lillooet conservation campaign for the Sierra Club of BC. Doug has a degree in Education from the University of British Columbia.