Monthly Archives: April 2013

Rivershed Forum in Lillooet

Riversheds Forum in Lillooet Contributor: Jacquie Lanthier This weekend’s Riversheds Forum in Lillooet was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with SLLP grads and others involved with the Rivershed Society. We spent time sharing our rivershed stories, listening to talks about…

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Solo Hike

Solo Hike A little description of my experience on the solo hike during the 2012 SLLP. Contributor: Jacquie Lanthier One of the most memorable moments on the SLLP for me was the silent solo hike in the mid-Fraser. The night…

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Overlander Falls

Overlander Falls Contributor: Jacquie Lanthier Overlander Falls is the furthest from the ocean the spawning salmon can swim to, the falling waters churning with too much force for their battered bodies to make it any further. Us SLLPers travel in…

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