2017 SLLP

The 2017 SLLP

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Unfortunately, due to the wild fire situation in BC’s interior impeding access to some sections of the SLLP route, we have had to cancel the 2017 SLLP. Read more here.

2017 Participants

The Rivershed Society of BC has selected eight participants for the 2017 Sustainable Living Leadership Program. The participants, their home towns, and their project ideas are listed below:

  • Kevin Aitken, Lillooet
    Kevin’s project is all about getting people back out on the land, especially the youth. Kevin plans to focus on working with youth in his role with the Lillooet Road Cycling Association, doing club rides and developing trails in partnership with a local First Nation.
  • Corrie Allen, Lillooet
    The objective of Corrie’s project is to bring together aboriginal communities, government, industry, and other organizations to develop a better understanding of the cultural, historical, current, and future impacts on White Sturgeon populations in the Middle Fraser River.
  • Lisa Bland, Williams Lake
    Lisa plans to work on developing collaborative relationships with the Green Gazette and First Nations, Conservation/ Sustainability focused NGOs in the Cariboo Region, and the Rivershed Society of BC in mutually beneficial ways to expand outreach for all and contribute to the viability and sustainability of the Green Gazette.
  • Anna Carter, Surrey
    Anna’s project idea involves producing a short film about river conservation with a group of school children. The children will learn how to make a film and will organize and implement a beach clean up activity which will be part of the film. The film will be linked to the theater exhibit at the Fraser River Discovery Center, and may form part of an upcoming education program about the relationship between local First Nations and the Fraser River.
  • Myka Kollmann, Delta
    Myka’s project idea consists of working with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society in their outreach and education programs. The aim, directed mainly towards young people, is to raise awareness of white sturgeon in the river and teach people the proper ways of handling the fish as well as their importance to the ecosystem of the Fraser.
  • Carmen Leung, Vancouver
    Carmen’s goal is to alter people’s attitudes and behaviors towards sustainability by reshaping their shopping experience, empowering people to create sustainable change, especially when it comes to unnecessary packaging.
  • Sasha Makhneva, Burnaby
    Sasha’s project idea is a website to educate Burnaby residents about local plants, birds, sustainability initiatives and no-trace hiking with the goal that with local, practical education, people of Burnaby would become more aware of their environmental impact and reconnect themselves to nature.
  • Brandi Wattam, Lillooet
    Brandi plans to work with the Lillooet Naturalist Society, Splitrock Environmental, and Lillooet Learns to create local outdoor education and adventure programs for young people in the Lillooet area. She would like to start a chapter of Naturekids—a young naturalist society—running explore days while also creating outdoor programs for youth empowerment and self awareness through team building, environmental awareness, and community initiatives.

The Rivershed Society of BC is truly sorry how this situation has impacted the seven individuals selected for the 2017 SLLP. While disappointing, the chosen seven 2017 SLLP participants can have their names brought forward to experience the full headwaters to sea program next summer.

Our hearts go out to all those in Fraser River Basin communities who have been and still are affected by the wild fires. We sincerely hope our friends throughout the province are able to stay safe and in good health.

Blog post: 2017 SLLP cancelled


July 25, 2017: Unfortunately, due to the uncontrolled wild fires burning in British Columbia which are impeding access to some sections of the route, we have had to cancel the 2017 SLLP.

July 15, 2017: Due to the uncontrolled wild fires, we have to shorten this year’s trip down the Fraser from 26 days to 17, eliminating the Upper Fraser canoeing section. Instead of starting in the Fraser’s headwaters, we will be convening in Yale and then shuttling to Churn Creek to begin the 9-day rafting portion, then switching to Voyageur canoe in Hope.

  • Saturday, August 5 – Bridge River tour / Cayoosh Creek Campground, Lillooet
  • Friday, August 14 – Morning tour of Glen Valley Organic Farm, Langley
  • Saturday, August 12 – Lunch at the Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster
  • Sunday, August 13 – Paddle completion and afternoon arrival at Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver

Updates from Along the Way

July 25, 2017: Unfortunately, due to the uncontrolled wild fires burning in British Columbia which are impeding access to some sections of the route, we have had to cancel the 2017 SLLP.