About the Riversheds Forum

Riversheds Forum

About the Riversheds Forum

Since 2001, the Rivershed Society of British Columbia has hosted the Riversheds Forum as a gathering place for members, friends, supporters and partners of the Society to meet and share information and support each others’ environmental stewardship throughout the Fraser River Basin.

The goal of the Rivershed Society of BC remains to:

Create a network of effective and supported leaders in every community throughout the Fraser River basin who will galvanize people to take responsibility for protecting, conserving and restoring the health of BC riversheds.

We aim to achieve this ambitious goal mainly through our flagship initiative, the Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP). Throughout the forum we will meet some of the young leaders who have travelled the Fraser River, learn more about their experiences and how they have made a difference in their own communities since their trip. With your help we will develop a plan to strengthen and support the SLLP by extending its effectiveness in Fraser River Basin communities through your work.

Forum Host

The Rivershed Society of British Columbia, a non-profit charitable organization formed in 1996, has a vision of salmon flourishing in our rivers, and people flourishing in our communities. We believe respect for riversheds begins with individual awareness. Using ecological carrying capacity as a guiding principle, we deliver education and leadership programs, build stewardship capacity and encourage sustainable solutions.

More about RSBC


In 2001, the RSBC launched its Healthy Riversheds Strategy at the first Riversheds Forum. The idea of the strategy and the annual conference was to continue the work started with Fin Donnelly’s Fraser River millennium swim. Each year, the Riversheds Forum brings together Fraser River Basin community champions who share, learn and strategize on stewardship and sustainability issues affecting the health of their riversheds and their community’s sustainability.

This Year’s Forum

The 2015 Riversheds Forum is being postponed to 2016 in order to focus on our 20th anniversary Fraser River Swim Relay.

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