Raft the Fraser Canyon

Everyone lives in a watershed. Come celebrate yours.

Raft the Fraser Canyon

Join us for a unique way to see the Fraser River.

As part of FraserFEST, you can raft sections of the Fraser Canyon from Xatśūll (Soda Creek) to Yale, BC, between July 31st and August 8th. All trips are 1-day adventures ideal for people who would like to experience the Fraser from off-the-beaten track.

Equal to any stretch of river in the world, the Fraser River from Soda Creek to Yale has over 10,000 years of First Nations history. Extreme landscape vistas, turbulent waters, and wildlife sightings abound through the corridors of French Bar, Moran, and Siska Canyons. Evidence of the gold rush and ancient rock art are side by side in this rarely-traveled route. Inflatable kayaks, stand-up paddle boarding, sandy beaches, amazing lunches, and the relaxing pace of river travel are just some of the memorable highlights on this expedition.

There are a total of four day trips to choose from. To register for a rafting adventure, please call Sue Baerg at 1-800-363-7238.

Xatśūll to Williams Creek (Williams Lake) – Mon, July 31st

Take in stunning scenery while you enjoy a leisurely float on the currents of the Fraser River. Dangle your legs over the edge of the raft to trail your toes through the water as we drift along, or take advantage of an inflatable kayak or stand-up paddle board supplied on the raft.
To register, please call Sue Baerg at 1-800-363-7238.

Lillooet to Stein River (Lytton) – Sun, August 6th

Description to come.
To register, please call Sue Baerg at 1-800-363-7238.

Stein River (Lytton) to Boston Bar – Mon, August 7th

The day starts where the Thompson River joins the Fraser, which is truly a sight to behold. The blue of the Thompson forms a distinct line in the Fraser before it mingles and mixes with the silty Fraser. You enter the Siska Canyon atop of whirlpools and eddies.
To register, please call Sue Baerg at 1-800-363-7238.

Boston Bar to Yale (Hell’s Gate) – Tues, August 8th

Hold on to your hats! This day of heart-racing adventure is sure to get you soaked even on the sunniest of days. Challenge the rapids at Scuzzy Rock, China Bar and the unforgettable Hell’s Gate. The grand finale is the roller coaster action of Sailor Bar Rapids, a chain of huge standing waves that we run several times.
To register, please call Sue Baerg at 1-800-363-7238.

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