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Everyone lives in a watershed. Come celebrate yours.

More Information About FraserFEST 2017

FraserFEST celebrates our watersheds with a series of river adventures and wild salmon feasts.

FraserFEST 2017 is marking the RSBC’s 21st anniversary by increasing the number of people we get out on the water, thereby increasing their watershed awareness and appreciation.


FraserFEST 2017 aims to increase the number of wild salmon constituents and advocates in BC by connecting them to nature while encouraging them to commit to Watershed CPR (conservation, protection and restoration).


FraserFEST raises awareness, educates and inspires action; by:

  • Connecting people with their rivershed through rafting, paddling, cycling, walking and salmon feasts.
  • Teaching people about salmon and watersheds.
  • Encouraging people to commit to Watershed CPR (conserve, protect and restore) by taking the Watershed Pledge; implementing watershed projects in schools; companies adopting best watershed practices; cities signing the Fraser River Proclamation; and First Nations signing the Save the Fraser Declaration.
  • Demonstrating watershed leadership by highlighting those who commit to Watershed CPR.

Project Elements

  • 12 salmon feasts in communities on the Fraser River
  • 4 rafting trips in the Fraser Canyon
  • 8 canoeing trips on the Lower Fraser River
  • 4 group cycling events
  • 4 facility tours
  • 2 group walks
  • 1 Fraser River Canyon swim
  • FraserFEST media and outreach campaign
  • Engagement tools: Watershed Pledge (Fraser Proclamation, Save the Fraser Declaration)
  • FraserFEST promotional video


FraserFEST will be measured by:

  • 5,000+ people participating in 36 events along and on the Fraser River.
  • People enjoying 4 Fraser Canyon rafting trips.
  • People enjoying 8 Lower Fraser River voyageur canoeing trips.
  • People taking part in 4 group cycling trips.
  • People taking part in 4 facility tours.
  • People enjoying 2 group walks in the Upper Fraser region.
  • People watching Keely Weget-Whitney swim the Fraser River Canyon.
  • 5,000+ unique on-line visits to
  • Hundreds of engaged citizens take the Watershed Pledge.
  • Dozens of municipalities sign the Fraser Proclamation*.
  • Dozens of First Nations sign the ‘Save the Fraser’ Declaration*.
  • Dozens of businesses commit to adopt best management watershed practises.
  • Dozens of schools commit to implement watershed projects.
  • Gain media attention before, during and after FraserFEST.
  • Start thousands of conversations about how people can improve salmon, watershed and Fraser River health.
  • Increased profile of RSBC’s Sustainable Living Leadership Program.
  • Increased exposure to Fraser River stewardship groups through a FraserFEST promotional film.

Project Team

FraserFEST is managed by:

  • RSBC Board of Directors
  • FraserFEST Steering Committee
  • FraserFEST Contractors (Fraser River Raft Expeditions, Voyageur Adventures, River Voices Productions, Grow Creative, In-House Media & Marketing)

Community Partners

FraserFEST aims to involve:

  • DFO, Coast Guard, RCMP & local police
  • Fraser River First Nations (Xat’sull, Kwikwetlem, Musqueam Indian Band)
  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Regional Districts: RDBN, FFGRD, CRD, TNRD, FVRD & Metro Vancouver (Experience the Fraser)
  • Fraser River municipalities
  • Elected officials (MPs, MLAs, Mayors & Councillors, Chiefs, Trustees & Park Commissioners)
  • Labour organizations (CUPE, UFCW)
  • Community Service Clubs (Rotary)
  • Fraser River ENGOs & Stewardship Groups (Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, Rivers Chair-Mark Angelo, Fraser Riverkeepers, Fraser Basin Council, Fraser River Discovery Centre, Canadian Freshwater Alliance, Canadian Heritage Rivers Board, Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, Environmental Educators of BC/Environmental Education Provincial Specialist Association, Sustainability Network, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Fun, Nature Trust, T. Buck Suzuki Foundation, Fraser Headwaters Alliance, REAPS, Quesnel River Watershed Alliance, Baker Creek Enhancement Society, Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society, Scout Island Nature Centre, Potato House, Lillooet Naturalists Society, Fraser Valley Regional Watersheds Coalition, Langley Environmental Partners Society, Alouette River Management Society, Kanaka Education & Environmental Partnership Society, Burns Bog Conservation Society, VAPOR)
  • Scientists, Academics & Media
  • Fraser River Elementary, Middle & High Schools, Universities & Colleges (teachers & students)
  • Fraser River Recreational clubs (paddle clubs, swim clubs, etc.)

We look forward to working with you!

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