Fraser Watershed Initiative

Fraser Watershed Initiative

The Fraser Watershed Initiative (FWI) is a multi-year campaign focused on the Fraser River Watershed. The FWI is working with First Nations, NGO’s and local governments across BC to ‘Heal and Protect’ the mighty Fraser River Basin.

The FWI offers a path forward to address identified threats. By bringing together Indigenous & Non-Indigenous decision-makers, local community, conservation and philanthropic leaders in a dialogue around watershed restoration, collaborative government-to-government land-use planning, fire-hardening of local communities and conservation of critical habitats and cultural treasures.

Supporting Canada’s and British Columbia’s government-to-government reconciliation commitments, the initiative will leverage the federal government’s support for action on reconciliation, their support of an Indigenous Guardians program and the quest to advance a network of protected and conservation areas, in large part, via Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs).

The objective of the FWI is to transition the Fraser Watershed to a new, more culturally and economically prosperous and ecologically intact future. In support of this initiative, efforts are underway to assemble a $500 million dollar trust fund to support a decade long, watershed-wide habitat restoration effort within the Fraser Watershed.

We are currently developing a long term, integrated campaign to “heal and protect” the Fraser River Watershed which will, among other things, include Regional Workshops and Mapping Project, and a Restoration Conference in March 2019.