URGENT: Your support is needed to #SaveWildSalmon before Tues., Dec. 6th

URGENT: Your support is needed to #SaveWildSalmon before Tues., Dec. 6th

Bill C-228 is being voted on in the House of Commons this Tuesday. If passed, the bill will see government take action to transition harmful open-pen salmon farms—which have put BC’s wild salmon at risk—to safe closed containment.

Your help is needed. Let Canada’s MPs know that BC’s wild salmon are a national treasure we cannot afford to lose.

This website has made it easy for you to ask your local Member of Parliament to vote to pass Bill C-228.

This Bill will amend the Fisheries Act to require all salmon farms on BC’s coast to transition to closed containment systems and will impose a ban on any new open-pen salmon farms.

Closed containment technology already exists in BC, is economically feasible, and the economic opportunities for BC are immense.

Show your support of Bill C-228 now by asking your local Member of Parliament to vote in favour of West Coast wild salmon and let your them know you support moving open-net salmon feedlots to closed containment systems. Then ask your friends to reach out to their MP, too.

Background information

Many fish farms are placed near the mouths of salmon spawning rivers, forcing young wild salmon to pass by the feedlots on their way to the open ocean where they can pick up sea lice, viruses and diseases. These are deadly for young salmon, even in small amounts.

Bill C-228 was introduced by MP Fin Donnelly to the House of Commons in February 2016. More info on the bill.

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