The Goat River

The Goat River

As I write, I sit with half of my River family, staring into the great wilderness of the Cariboo Mountains. My team laughs as they swing back and forth on a cable tray that stretches across the Goat River. Water rushes peacefully across the smooth rocks heading down the valley to a final destination: the Fraser.

It was built to connect two parts of a historic trail that is unprotected from the threat of clear cut logging, despite the unique eco-systems found in the area.

Roy and Al, members of the Fraser Headwaters Alliance, came to speak with our group this morning. They have been fighting to protect the wildlife here for over 25 years. A thought was born in my head as they explained their organizational work: Who will be around to take up arms when they are gone? Another generation of individuals willing to defend nature is needed to keep BC’s wildlife habitats safe from industrialization.

This is exactly why programs like the SLLP are fundamental in educating and spreading awareness about the battle our society faces. It is a push against companies from the environmental movement to utilize sustainable practices for the limited resources we have.

This trip has inspired me to reduce my eco footprint the best I can, as well as to help protect this province’s wildlife, no matter how impossible the task may seem.


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