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What is a Rivershed?

A rivershed is a distinct land area whose border is geographically defined by high points of elevation. Groundwater and surface runoff within a rivershed flow toward a common destination through a system of streams, lakes, bogs and other watercourses…. more

The Fraser River Basin
Issues Affecting the Fraser River

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Since 1996, the Rivershed Society of BC has been helping individuals be effective change-makers in their riversheds through our education programs, community initiatives and by building stewardship capacity in the Fraser River Basin.

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  • SLLP Candidate Contest Winners Announced!

    SLLP Candidate Contest Winners Announced!

    This year, to encourage RSBC supporters to promote the Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP), we ran a contest. First prize would go to the person who motivated the most people to apply for, or inquire about, the SLLP. The second… Read more
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